Paul Stuart Davis Vocalist Northern Soul The Signatures

Paul Stuart Davies

Paul Stuart Davies, born in Manchester in 1982, began performing professionally in his teens. Music college lead to the beginning of a successful career as a vocal coach and his love of Soul and Motown has lead him to perform and record alongside some of the biggest names in the genre.

With a helping hand from Marvin Gaye’s wife Janis, who called him “just about as close as you can get” to her ex husband, Paul found himself on stage with Kim Weston singing her duet with Marvin, ‘It Take Two”, in front of thousands. Since then Paul has sung with Tobi Legend, Dean Parrish, Brenda Holloway, Tommy Hunt, Chris Clark, Pat Lewis, The Vandellas and many more, both stateside and in the UK.

2017 saw Paul visit Detroit to record some of his own songs at the world famous United Sound Systems Recording Studios, where many Northern Soul favourites were recorded in the sixties. He called upon his legendary friends for backing vocals and his song ‘Tomorrow’s Love’ is blessed with the voices of Kim, Tobi, Pat and The Vandellas.

Paul is living his Northern Soul dream!