Gavin Creates-Webb


Our human metronome, working with Mooty on the bass to keep that Northern Soul sound pumping through all we do. Find him at the burger van after the show!

Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson


King of the clav, Don of the drawbar. You’ll hear Dave’s mesmeric chords swirling around the room. A true keys wizard – he just needs a cape…

Ben Pegley


His mean black boots, open-button shirts and his ‘twiddling’ riffs help to blast The Signatures sound into a new dimension.

Simon Virciglio


Our resident neck-bobbing, finger-licking bassist – his tasty licks are what drives the low-end of our Northern Soul sound.

James Millar


The classiest of The Signatures. Can often be heard warming-up in the corridors of the building before a show.

Dave Ferguson

Hannah Dilkes


The wild-card of the group. The plaintive howl of her trombone rounds out the brass section perfect – total fashion trendsetter.

Connor Smither


Trilling and tooting his way high in the mix – during the day he teaches music lessons, but by night his horn takes us all to school.

Nicola Keil

Lead-Vocal / Backup Singer

Lead vocal, backup singer, walking pharmacy, devoted mother – and quite possibly the most mischievous member of The Signatures!

Sharon Creates-Webb


The secret ingredient to the group – the glue that binds it together. But for your own sake, don’t leave any rubbish in the tour bus.

Cleo Savva


She’s mad – a ball of percussive energy. Whether it’s on the conga or the cowbell, she’s always kicking on the off-beat to keep us ticking.