Regular Vocalists

Stefan Taylor

With a truly remarkable voice at only twenty-six years old, Stefan Taylor is one of the most promising vocalists on today’s UK music scene.

Over the last few years Stefan has been fronting The Signatures – during this time he has worked with many legendary soul artists, influencing his vocal style and stage presence making him the artist that he is today. Stefan commands exceptional vocal control and pitch-perfect tonal accuracy which truly sets him apart from other vocalists on the scene today.

Dave Ferguson

Tommy Hunt

Tommy Hunt (born Charles James Hunt; June 18, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States) is an American soul/northern soul singer, and a 2001 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee as a member of famed R&B group The Flamingos.

‘The Oldest Man In Soul’ and a true soul icon. Has worked extensively with The Signatures over the years, we see him as the 12th member of the band! Tommy is available for live performances as well as meet and greets

Bobby Wilson

Music Artist, Bobby Brooks Wilson, is the son of Legendary R&B/Soul Singer, Jackie Wilson. Bobby has the same amazing traits and talents of his father, that many say Jackie Wilson’s legacy lives on through him.

Bobby is available with The Signatures for UK & European live dates, he puts on an incredible live performance and really gets the crowd going.

The Flirtations

The Flirtations (previously The Gypsies) are an all-female musical group who have recorded since the early 1960s. In late 1968 the trio signed with Deram Records and released what would become their signature recording: “Nothing But A Heartache” — a dense, dynamic, earth-shattering melodrama produced by Englishman Wayne Bickerton and written by Bickerton with Tony Waddington.

We loved performing with these three amazing ladies in 2019 and now have a tour with them in 2020 and 2021!

Dave Ferguson

Nolan Porter

Nolan Frederick Porter (born May 10, 1949 in Los Angeles) is an American R&B singer and songwriter who recorded two albums and six singles in the early 1970s. His best known song is “Keep On Keeping On”, a northern soul track popularized in 1978 by the Manchester and Salford band Joy Division when they used the guitar riff from Porter’s song for their “Interzone”

We love this man – we’ve never met a more relaxed and genuine artist in all our years. Nolan will be joining us again in 2021 for a short UK tour, we can’t wait to get back on the stage with him.

Dave Ferguson

Lorraine Silver

Recorded her Northern Soul Classic ‘Lost Summer Love’ at a DIY recording booth in Woolworth’s in Oxford Street in 1965. She has continued to perform her set of soul standards to huge crowds over the years. We’ve loved working with Lorraine on our theatre show tour, and can’t wait for our collaborations in the future!

Paul Stuart Davies

If there’s a Northern Soul event going on, there’s a good chance that you’ll see Paul in the photo! A regular on the scene with a soft and tonally accurate vocal style.

Paul has released several original Northern Soul singles, having recorded in Detroit alongside legends including The Vandellas, Kim Weston and Tobi Legend. He has sung at some of the biggest live events on the scene.

Johnny Boy

The Boy from Bolton – adored across the UK scooter and soul scene, we’ve loved performing with him over the years. His trademark braids and bandana can regularly be seen bouncing around on stage all over the UK.

Special Guests

Tobi Legend

Tobi performed the Wigan Casino Three-Before-Eight classic ‘Time Will Pass You By’. The Signatures were privileged to have performed with her in 2017 in her only UK appearance ever!

Dean Parrish

A Northern Soul Legend, his track “I’m On My Way” became one of the Three-Before-Eight at the Wigan Casino. A few members of The Signatures were privileged to session on one of Dean’s recent recordings released on Static Wax Records. We’ve been privileged to share the stage with Dean three times so far.

Sidney Barnes

Staff writer and producer for Motown and Chess Records – there’s so much this man has accomplished, it’s difficult to get it all down in writing. We enjoyed a short UK tour with Sidney in 2018, hoping to get the chance to tour with him again! He even left us one of his signature hats…

Spyder Turner

Spyder made his mark in the Detroit music scene and at the Apollo Theatre in the ‘60s and ‘70s. We performed with Spyder Turner in 2018, one of the funniest musicians we’ve ever worked with!

Jimmy Thomas

Original artist and backup vocalist for Ike and Tina Turner, David Essex, Voyage, Madness, Kevin Rowland and Lloyd Cole and The Commotions – we’ve worked with a lot of very cool artists over the years, but then there’s Jimmy Thomas cool…

 Pat Lewis

Renowned in the music scene as a backup vocalist and arranger extraordinaire – she’s done vocals for Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, George Clinton and Arthur Reeves as well as many other well-known Motown figures. She helped launch Motor City records in the UK.

Ruby Andrews

Chicago born soul icon, we were so pleased to have performed with her at the Skegness Northern Soul Survivors Weekender in Butlins in 2018.

Chris Clarke

The first white woman to be signed to Motown – with an incredible voice still to this day and an infectious positive attitude, she is a true stage presence.

 Gloria Jones

Known as the Queen of Northern Soul. She had a long career as a Motown artist, was a key member in Mark Bowlan’s T-Rex and an extremely active philanthropist, operating her own charity in Sierra Leone. We performed with her in 2018.

Brenda Holloway

Recording artist for Motown in the 1970s, she has a long career of hit records behind her. We’ve had the chance to perform with her in 2017 and 2019 and loved each time – a true professional and an incredible sense of style.

Eddie Holman

Known for his incredible falsetto that is still as strong today as it was when he first released his music – only Eddie Holman could strut on stage in a metallic gold suit. A fully ordained Baptist minister, his musical stylings will ‘take you to church’.

Chairmen of the Board Ft. Ken Knox.

Ken Knox, a member of Chairmen of the Board for 48 years serving alongside General Johnson and Danny Woods continues to keep the legacy going – we were thrilled to support them in 2018 for a short UK tour.